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Did you always want to know what your users are doing on your website? 

Session recordings help you accomplish that by letting you see what visitors are doing on your website.

You will know everything about their attitude when browsing: click zones, pages visited, completed forms … Useful information to improve the user experience and increase your conversions.

In this article, we provide you with a list of the 7 best session recording tools in 2021.




Best for real-time customer suggestions (Free – $389/month). 

Hotjar is a complete tool. With this tool, you have the option to save each page or a particular page. Saving a specific page will be useful if your goal is to optimize the landing page, product, and pricing. The recordings will help you analyze bounce, exit, rage clicks, drop-offs, and more. 
Hotjar allows you to configure whether you want to record the session that lasts longer than 30 seconds and some following features:

  • Mark video recording
  • Take notes while watching user actions
  • Share the session recording with your team
  • Filter/search recorded sessions

Pricing Plans: 

Hotjar has a total of five paid plans based on your requirements. This means they have different plans for personal use, business use, and agencies. 

Personal Use: 

  • Basic (Freemium plan) – 2,000 page views/day, up to 3 heatmaps, unlimited surveys & feedback widgets, up to 100 snapshot recordings/day, etc. 
  • Plus ($39/month) – The Plus plan is suitable for low-traffic sites. It allows 100 full user sessions/day, continuous Heatmaps, unlimited surveys & feedback widgets, up to 100 continuous recordings/day, etc.  

For Business Use: 

  • Business ($99/month) – Suitable for businesses of all sizes, this plan allows 500 full user sessions in a day, unlimited surveys & feedback widgets, continuous heatmaps & recordings, etc.
  • Scale ($389/month) – 4,000 daily sessions, continuous heatmaps & recordings, unlimited surveys & feedback widgets, and training with a Hotjar specialist.

For Agencies: 

  • Agency – Quote-based

This is a custom-based plan that provides unlimited client sites in one account. 
Also, all of these plans come with a 15-day free trial. 


Best for user research using heatmaps and session replays ($49.99/mo – $339.99/mo)

FigPii is a smart and complete tool. With FigPii, you can Record visitor sessions for specific pages or your entire site. You can record and watch all visitors coming to your site, or you can record visitors who come to a specific page.
FigPii session replays will help you find out. Using our advanced targeting, you can record sessions for different traffic sources. FigPii has powerful 16 filters to pinpoint the sessions you want to hone in on specific sessions. You can filter by session duration, landing page, exit page, user type, tags, and more. You can set up FigPii to capture sessions that are only 30+ seconds long with multiple page visits.

Pricing Plans: 

FigPii offers four pricing plans: 

  • Starter ($49.99/month) – 10,000 visitors per month, unlimited heatmaps, unlimited session recordings, unlimited polls, unlimited number of users. 
  • Small ($99.99/month) – Same as the Starter plan + 30,000 visitors per month. 
  • Medium ($199.99/month) – Same as the Small plan + 60,000 visitors per month. 
  • Large ($339.99/month) – Same as the Medium plan + 100,000 visitors per month.

All these paid plans also come with a 14-day free trial. To cater to over 500,000 visitors per month, contact their sales team for a custom pricing plan. 


Smartlook answers you. It records each visit to your site or mobile application to reveal the most clicked areas to you. You will understand why one function of the application is used rather than another.

The tool also analyzes your funnel to show you when the customer takes a specific action. As a result, you know how to improve your CTAs for better impact.

Pricing Plans:

Free $0
Ideal for bloggers or low-volume website

  • Up to 1500 sessions per month
  • Limited to 3 concurrent heatmaps with 3 month expiration
  • Limited to 2 concurrent events and 1 funnel

Starter ($39 monthly)

Ideal for small businesses or focusing on improving user experience and gathering user insights.

  • Unlimited heatmaps (can be created retroactively from recordings)
  • Always-on recording (No sampling)
  • 2 concurrent events
  • 1 Funnel

Funnel Power ($99 monthly) 

Ideal for larger companies with multiple members and multiple projects. All Smartlook’s features are fully unlocked.

  • Unlimited heatmaps, events, and funnels.
  • Web diagnostic tools (including JS errors, rage clicks)
  • Unlimited team members, projects, and 24 hour support

Power Mobile ($135 monthly)
Ideal for recording Android and iOS applications

  • Custom recording quality & frame rate
  • Native and wireframe recording options for data security
  • Recording platforms for ordinary apps, ReactNative, Unity, and Metal
  • Automatic event tracking
  • Unlimited events and funnels


UXCam is the tool that records every user action to identify points of frustration and sources of site abandonment.

With this tool, you take the place of the visitor and watch their browsing session, like a movie! All you have to do is learn optimization lessons.
Pricing plans:

For initial explorations

  •  5,000 monthly sessions 
  • 1 user license 
  • Email Support 

For startups and growing teams 

  • Up to 250,000 monthly sessions 
  • Up to 5 user licenses
  • Priority Support

For scaling and large organizations 

  • Custom monthly sessions 
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager


Best for determining customer journeys in detail (Quote-based).VWO can record mouse movements, clicks, and general user behavior. Depending on your preference, you can choose to fix the process or slow down and watch every detail. There is also a very useful option to ignore the timing band that users are not acting in. This saves you a lot of time in the process.

In the session recording, if you find something that might need improvement, such as a visitor getting confused while filling out a form, you can add an observation mark at the exact time to resolve it.

VWO Insights has three quote-based paid plans. 

Pricing plans:

  • Growth – Cross-device heatmap & visitor recording, heatmap comparison, funnel, page & session-level recordings, basic website survey. 
  • Pro – Everything in the Growth plan + advanced session recording, exit-intent survey, basic targeting & segmentation, etc. 
  • Enterprise – Everything in the Pro plan + advanced targeting & segmentation, white-labeled surveys, API access, dedicated account manager, etc. 

All the plans are available on a 30-day free trial period as well. 


Mouseflow is a great option that helps you improve user experience and increase conversions with necessary adjustments. They’re GDPR and CCPA-compliant, so you know it’s all within limits.

Mouseflow features:

  • Record and replay sessions that track clicks, scrolls, forms and more
  • Heat maps to determine which areas require the most attention
  • Funnels and reports to identify what might go wrong in user sessions
  • Forms that help you see how visitors are interacting with them
  • Surveys that allow users to share their comments

This solution can be integrated with many applications and platforms like WordPress, Google Analytics, Shopify, Wix, HTML5, etc.

Pricing plans:

FREE $0 (free) 

  • 1 website 
  • unlimited page views 
  • unlimited heat maps 
  • 500 recordings per month 
  • 1 month of storage 

STARTER $29 ($24 annually) 

  • 1 website 
  • unlimited page views 
  • unlimited heat maps 
  • 5,000 recordings per month 
  • 3 months of storage

GROWTH $99 ($79 annually) 

  • 3 websites 
  • unlimited page views 
  • unlimited heatmaps 1
  • 5,000 recordings per month
  • 6 months of storage

Business $199 ($159 annually) 

  • 10 websites 
  • unlimited page views 
  • unlimited heat maps 
  • 50,000 recordings per month 
  • 12 months storage 


Inspectlet allows you to record 100 sessions per month for FREE. Once saved, you can filter the videos by many attributes. It records your site visitors’ videos as they use it, allowing you to see everything they do. See every mouse movement, scroll, click, and keypress on your site. You never need to wonder how exactly people are using your site again.
Show returning / new visitors session

The entry page contains something or has visited a specific page

The exit page contains
Pricing plans: 

Micro ($39 per month) 

  • 5,000 Recorded Sessions per month 
  • 50,000 Approximate Pageviews per month 
  • 1 Websites 
  • 2 Months of storage

Startup ($79 per month) 

  • 25,000 Recorded Sessions per month 
  • 250,000 Approximate Pageviews per month 
  • 3 Websites 
  • 3 Months of storage 

Growth ($149 per month) 

  • 50,000 Recorded Sessions per month 
  • 500,000 Approximate Pageviews per month 
  • 10 Websites 
  • 6 Months of storage 

Accelerate ($299 per month) 

  • 125,000 Recorded Sessions per month 
  • 1,250,000 Approximate Pageviews per month 
  • 20 Websites 
  • 12 Months of storage 


On your site, customers, prospects, and visitors interact with your content… but how?
To find out their behavior, adopt an analysis tool that spies on their journey!
With this list of tools above, you will know everything about their attitude when browsing: click zones, pages visited, completed forms … Useful information to improve the user experience and increase your conversions.