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Why Use Multiple Tools When You Can Use One?

Heat Maps & Session Recordings


Polls and surveys


A/B Testing


The Old way

Purchasing and subscribing to four different products in order to track your website visitors’ behavio

The FigPii way

FigPii Is A Super Platform!

Experimentation Engine

Go beyond A/B testing and unlock the potential of Split URL Tests, seamless Deployments, and personalized AI-driven testing recommendations.

A/B Testing

Split URL Testing

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What Makes FigPii Special?

All Your Conversion Optimization Tools Under One Roof

A/B Testing

Know what designs or copies resonate best with your website visitors.

  • Advanced Targeting
  • Flicker-free Testing
  • Unlimited number of variations
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QUICKLY Create variants using the visual editor.

I love FigPii. It has VERY slick AB testing functionality, which in my opinion is better than Unbounce in this regard and on-part with Convert and VWO. Embed the FigPii pixel using HTML or Google Tag Manager. Choose a URL you want to split test. QUICKLY Create variants using the visual editor.

Wynne Pirini, Chief Technical Officer @ MeasureBit


Gain insight into the sections of your website that receive little to no visitor attention.

  • Visualize User behavior
  • Spot Areas of Struggle
  • Monitor Crucial User Metrics
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Marketing Swiss knife

FigPii is an excellent combination of tools for analyzing user's behaviors.
Heatmaps is one of the best that I saw before - it's really simple in use and doesn't overload you with unnecessary data.

Alex H., CEO

Polls and Surveys

Gather feedback and insights from your website visitors.

  • Prevent cart abandonment.
  • Get feedback on new products.
  • Track customer satisfaction in real time.
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Provide The Best User Experience To Customers

I was totally impressed just after my first week of using FigPii. This is an all in one package for knowing the user behaviors and interactions.

Faisal Faruque R., Content Marketer

Session Recording

See your website through your visitors’ eyes.

  • Know what hinders conversions.
  • Tackle user frustrations head-on.
  • Improve MRR and conversion rate.
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The best way to see how visitors use your site!

As a user of HotJar for the last few years and prior to that an early adopter of JS based heatmap software I love the simplicity that comes with FigPii.

Brian C., Managing Director

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Who Should Be Using FigPii?

E-commerce Brands

FigPii gives you access to all the essential tools needed to create an improved customer experience and discover untapped revenue opportunities on your e-commerce website.

CRO Agencies

We provide CRO agencies with a comprehensive set of optimization tools that are affordable, enabling them to optimize their clients' websites effectively.

SaaS Brands

FigPii's tools provide valuable insights into user behavior for SaaS brands, allowing them to optimize their websites to increase monthly recurring revenue (MRR).

FigPii is the super product that your website needs!

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Discover What Makes FigPii So Great

Lightweight Platform

FigPii is exceptionally lightweight and does not impede the speed of your website, setting it apart from other similar tools in the market.


The FigPii team has concentrated on providing numerous valuable features at a more affordable price than some of our experienced competitors.


Using FigPii does not require any technical expertise, making it accessible to users of all skill levels, even those who are not tech-savvy.

Robust Customer Support

No matter your time zone, our support team is committed to providing the resources and assistance you need to successfully implement and use FigPii.

FigPii Is A Trusted User Behavior Platform. And We Have Receipts to Prove It.


Brands use FigPii for
their user behavior analysis


Of users feel
secure using FigPii


Countries are home to brands that use FigPi


Operating time.
FigPii won’t let you down!

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Works with Your Software Suite

FigPii integrates smoothly with popular e-commerce platforms and analytical tools like Google Analytics, allowing users to measure the impact of web page variations and optimize their website's performance.

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If you need answers to any of these questions, try FigPii

Which parts of my website are being ignored by users?

What do customers think of our website experience?

Which areas of my website are frustrated customers?

Which design resonates best with my website visitors?

How far down the page are users scrolling before losing interest?

Which design elements are most effective in capturing users' attention?

If you need answers to any of these questions, try FigPii

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