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Trusted by 3700+ Brands

Trusted by 3700+ Brands

FigPii Is A Trusted User Behavior Platform. And We Have Receipts to Prove It.


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Connect With Your Customers In A Personal Way

Delivers Your Survey to Your Ideal Audience

You can easily set up your website survey to display at specific times and to specific visitors. This configuration ensures that your survey reaches the desired audience and provides relevant feedback.

Advanced Triggers Options

You can select from various advanced triggers and targeting options, such as mobile exit intent and feedback button. These features help to ensure that your website survey reaches the desired audience and collects valuable feedback.

Diverse Question Options

FigPii polls and surveys offers a comprehensive range of question and answer types, including NPS, CES, CSAT, smiley, star, and number ratings.

Customizable Survey Display Options

Efficiently collect user feedback by displaying seamless slide-in, pop-up, and inline embedded surveys on your website with FigPii. Our tool offers customizable display options to capture valuable insights from your users.

Easily Integrated With Your Business Systems

FigPii works with all websites, including popular CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, and others. This tool provides seamless integration across various platforms, making it easy to collect user feedback regardless of your website's CMS.

What Makes FigPii Special?

FigPii Give You Access To More Optimization Tools

Heat Maps

FigPii heat maps offer precise, real-time insights into how users scroll and which web elements they interact with.

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A/B Testing

FigPii's powerful testing platform is designed to be fast, user-friendly, and packed with all the essential features you need to streamline your testing process.

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Session Reccordings

Step into your users' digital footsteps, see exactly how they interact with your website and get a sense of their experience so you can make it better.

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Questions You Can Answer Using FigPii Polls & Surveys

How satisfied are visitors with our customer service?

FigPii polls and surveys can answer this question which can be used to gauge user satisfaction with your customer service.

What types of products do my visitors prefer?

You can get answers to this question and learn about user preferences for specific products using polls and surveys.

What problems are my customers trying to solve?

Polls and surveys can be used to reveal your customers' needs and pain points, enabling you to develop more effective solutions that cater to their requirements.

What do customers think of our website experience?

By utilizing FigPii polls and surveys, you can obtain insights that help you identify areas for improvement on your website.

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