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What do you get when you run FigPii A/B Testing on your site?

Create AB tests for one page or multiple pages on your site

Use FigPii AB testing tool to test a single page on your site or run an AB experiment on multiple pages (on all of your product page pages or blog posts for example).

Create AB tests for visitors coming from a traffic source or campaign

Use FigPii AB Testing to create different tests for visitors coming from specific traffic sources or campaigns. Maybe you want to run an AB test for users visiting your site from Facebook and another AB test for visitors coming to your site from Google Adwords.

Create AB Tests for returning visitors, new visitors, or all types of visitors

Target different types of visitors (new, returning, or all visitors) with different AB tests. Not all visitors convert at the same rates. Use FigPii AB testing to determine which design works best for the different types of visitors.

Create AB tests for visitors using a specific device to visit your site

Visitors coming to your site on a mobile device have a different mindset compared to visitors visiting the site on a desktop. FigPii AB testing allows you to create different tests for different device types.

Create AB tests with an unlimited number of variations and goals

Use FigPii AB testing to create as many variations to test against your original design.

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What Customers Say About Us

Alex Histev
CEO Wise - LLC
Marketing Swiss knife
FigPii is an excellent combination of tools for analyzing user's behaviors. Heatmaps is one of the best that I saw before - it's really simple in use and doesn't overload you with unnecessary data. Video Recording - my next favorite tool in FigPii package. Easy to use and powerful. Also, I would like to note that the product has a very competitive price for such functionality.
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Hunter Bailey
CEO Wise - COO
Amazing Software!!
I loved being able to see everything in one area, and the ease of use with it!
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Michael Boateng
Director - Alpha Advertising Ltd
Great Interface & Good Value For Money
Very easy to use interface. The session recordings playback have multiple speeds which allows you to watch more in very little time.
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Wynne Pirini
Marketing Systems Architect - Pirini Holdings Limited
Complete conversion rate optimization toolset
I love FigPii. It has VERY slick AB testing functionality, which in my opinion is better than Unbounce in this regard and on-part with Convertize. Embed the FigPii code using HTML or Google Tag Manager. Choose a URL you want to split test. QUICKLY Create variants using the onscreen visual editor. Choose an objection (option, purchase, page visit, button click, etc). Then hit the "go" button. Simple. Powerful. Get's the job done with no fuss. It has similar qualitative CRO functionality to Mouseflow, CrazyEgg, or Hotjar, with heatmaps, session recording, and polls. Comes with GDPR and CCPA compliance, which is essential these days when marketing in USA or Europe.
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Fernando Robles
Systems analyst
Great platform to analyze user behavior
Easy to integrate, easy to use and extremely easy to analyze recorded sessions. - It is a platform that I liked, I have used hotjar, Heyflow, Yandex metrica and personally it works better than the ones mentioned above.
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Ruben Torres
Marketer in game development - VReality Labs
Great for any marketer
Great pricing. Easy to use and generous plan limits. I prefer it over hotjar. It has everything I need: heatmaps and recordings. - The team seems to care about customer experience. They keep asking for feedback, so that's great in products like this.
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Raj Chowdhury
Co-Founder - Pristine Writers
Optimize Your Conversion Rate
There is no doubt that "FigPii" is the tool that will dramatically increase the conversion rate. When it comes to analyzing user behaviors and increasing the conversion, FigPii will give you an optimum solution. The Heatmap function of this tool is so much easy to use. On top of that, it will not provide you with unnecessary data so that you can focus on the right information. Besides, the simple and excellent session recording tool will make your day even shiny. Another noticeable thing is the customer support of FigPii. Whatever challenges or issues you face with FigPii, the dedicated customer support team will always be there to help you out. Most importantly, the pricing of this product is so generous and affordable. I just can't believe that I am getting this level of functionality at this price range.
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SEO Expert - SEO Pro
Best Conversion rate optimization tool
It is very important for me to understand the actions of the visitors of my website. FigPii's Unlimited heatmaps, recordings, A / B tests & polls to collect user feedback have made this task much easier for me. Most importantly its live support. I got my solution within 1 hour every time.
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Sazedur Rahman
FigPii tool is the best tool tracking your website audience I've seen.
Okay, let me explain what I like about this tool. What I like most about this tool is the track of your audience on every page. I really like A/B testing options. Here you can run your campaign. After running the campaign you get your unique visitors, conversion rate, variations, bounce rate, and much more. Which makes business easier. How long visitors are on a page of a website is a very important aspect of a business. There are many experiments that can be done at once, which I have not seen in any other tool. It's most important for business growth and here you get it easily.
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Nejerfan Alkhado
CEO & Founder - Neronet Academy
Easy to set up and understand what is going on your site
We started using FigPii a few months ago, initially, we only used heatmaps and video recording. I then talked to the customer our success manager and he showed us how to run AB tests. I Was not a big beleiver to start with. But oh boy, it was a game changer. We have managed to increase our mobile conversion rate by 30% which was a game changer for us. It is the main reason I decided to write this review. I absloutely love the support and how fast they turn-around items.
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Faisal Faruque
Freelance - Content Marketer
FigPii Made Me Provide The Best User Experience To My Customers!
Since I am a content marketer and monetize my blogs with affiliate links, I have to read the mind of the users. I mean I must know what the users are looking for and whether I can deliver that to them or not. This is where FigPii is helping me with its analytics. I was a bit skeptical about the capability of this product. They are a relatively new company. But I was totally impressed just after my first week of using FigPii. This is an all in one package for knowing the user behaviors and interactions. The heatmap, AB testing, and videos give me an overview of the strength and weaknesses of that particular page. I can easily fix them by those data and increase the conversion rate. My revenues are gradually improving and all the credit goes to this awesome tool.
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All your growth tools and data — all under one roof.

FigPii A/B Testing is part of a family of other amazing tools, all on one platform, to provide you with the behavioral insights you need to modify your website.

Using too many tools to get the visitor insights? There is no good reason for that. Too many tools manys inconsistent and scattered data. Even worse, each new tool slows down your site more. FigPii gives a new way to do things.

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