A single platform that gives you an overview of customer interaction and behavior on the same platform.

Our experience with CRO consulting over the years, and the frustrations dealing with multiple platforms and mismatched data were the catalysts that produced FigPii.

Figpii Drawing

Our Team

Our team members are from different backgrounds, different cultures, and different countries —and that has led us to more innovative ideas and more productive work environment.

Khalid Saleh
Khalid Saleh Co-Founder
Ayat Shukairy
Ayat Shukairy Co-Founder
Taras Guskov
Taras Guskov Lead Developer
Erce Erozbek
Erce Erozbek Sr. Back End Engineer
Ahmed Abbas
Ahmed Abbas Sr. Node.js Developer
Mostafa Daoud
Mostafa Daoud Sr. Growth Marketer
Simba Dube
Simba Dube Sr. Marketing Specialist
Reza Jalaei
Reza Jalaei Product Owner
Emrah Konya
Emrah Konya Sr. Project Manager
Osama Ibrahim
Osama Ibrahim Front End Engineer
Muhammad Hamoly
Muhammad Hamoly Front End Engineer
Joe Samir
Joe Samir Front End Engineer
Marwa Murad
Marwa Murad Sr. Product Designer
Nuno Alves
Nuno Alves Sr. Data Analyst
Sherine Omar
Sherine Omar Sr. Content Marketer

Helping Companies Know Customers To Get Ahead Of The Competition

300+ Million Requests
42.5 Million Visitors
52 Countries

What Our Customers Say About Us

Hunter Bailey COO Impact Dog Creates

I loved being able to see everything in one area, and the ease of use with it!

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Alex H. CEO of Startup Company

FigPii is an excellent combination of tools for analyzing user's behaviors. Heatmaps is one of the best that I saw before - it's really simple in use and doesn't overload you with unnecessary data. Video Recording - my next favorite tool in FigPii package. Easy to use and powerful. Also, I would like to note that the product has a very competitive price for such functionality.

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Nejerfan A Co-Founder - Neronet Academy

We started using FigPii a few months ago, initially, we only used heatmaps and video recording. I then talked to the customer our success manager and he showed us how to run AB tests. I Was not a big believer to start with. But oh boy, it was a game changer. We have managed to increase our...

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Sinan H. Co-Founder - Workiom

FigPii is an easy tool to implement, onboard and to use. It is also addictive and gives great insights on how our visitors and clients are interacting with...

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Wynne Pirini Co-Founder - ThriveEngine

I've tried several times to implement Google Optimize over the years. It takes WAYYYYY too much work and fuss trying to get everything working. I wanted to get my time spent on actual conversion rate optimization, and not pulling my hair up with setting up technology. FigPii combines the power of Unbounce, Convertize, and Hotjar / Mouseflow into one high-quality, low-cost product...

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Our Story

Back in 2006, we had a novel idea. We can help companies increase their site conversion rate. Most sites convert less than 2% of their traffic into customers. So, why not, we can help these companies and make some money doing it.

Years, later we have an amazing team in place working with the world’s biggest brands: eBay, 3M, The Special Olympics, and many more!

We have to use many tools to help clients improve their sites. Tools such as AB testing, heatmaps, session replays, and online polls. This causes many problems. Clients have to spend a lot of money on these tools. These tools slow down clients' sites. And finally, the data is inconsistent between these tools.

That Is How FigPii Was Born!

Why Us

Go From Babysitting 5 Tools
one tool, one script and consistent data across

A Letter From Our CEO

Back in 2005, I was leading the largest ecommerce implementation for Motorola. The project was a dream for any software developer. A team of 150 developers, the coolest technologies, and the company’s future online depended on our delivery.

While everyone was excited about working on the project, I was worried that not enough visitors will come to our new website and the website will not generate any revenue.

After endless number of hours at the office and a price tag of close to $50 million dollars, we finally launched the website.

As it turns out, I was right and wrong at the same time.


Too many people came. As a matter of a fact,
so many people came to the website, they crashed our 16 servers within couple of hours.

We managed to recover and brought the servers back up.
That is where I was wrong.

But while hundreds of thousands of people came, most of them did not place a single order. There was no money. As a matter of a fact, the website generated less than 100 orders in the first 30 days.

Yes, 100 orders for a 50 million-dollar investment.

The more I thought about it, the more I knew
this is where the future of the web is going to be.
No matter how much companies invested in building websites,
no matter how many engineers they hired,
no matter how much money they invest in driving visitors to the website…
if visitors do not convert, none of that matters.

That is how we founded Invesp in 2006.

Invesp is one of the very first companies to focus on
conversion optimization in North America.

Chief Executive Officer

FigPii increases the effectiveness of every marketing dollar you spend

It's not easy to understand your site visitor motivations, intent, and actions on the site. FigPii is making it easier by offering a suite of tools that tracks visitor movement. Records visitor behaviors, asks visitors questions, captures their email, and test their design and UX preferences.

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