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Khalid and Ayat run one of the world’s first and top CRO firms, worldwide. After working with B2C, B2B, and SaaS companies across different verticals, they noticed a common issue amongst the different companies: they all had too many martech tools installed, across multiple platforms (which gave multiple companies access to their data).

Client Website
AB Testing Tool
Heatmap Tool
Polls Tool
Optin Form Tool
Slow Website

The data, therefore, wasn’t consistent between all the different platforms, and the client sites were sluggish and slow.

But they needed all these tools : Tools for ab testing, reporting on heatmaps, video recording, and polls. So Khalid and Ayat thought long and hard for a solution for their clients. What if they could get all their martech needs in one place. That’s how they came up with Figpii for their clients.

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Khalid and Ayat’s clients loved the tool. And for their CRO firm, having this tool in-house has been amazing for their business.

But now, Khalid and Ayat wanted to share this great tool with the rest of the world. Now you can Join Figpii to get the data you need, in one single place, with consistent functionality and data across the board.

Introducing Figpii: an all in one CRO platform for all your experimentation and reporting needs.

Single line of code, single platform, consistent data. Happy experimentation and exploring!

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