Happy Friday!

2021 is coming to an end soon. Have you wrapped up your KPIs and OKRs for this quarter?

Here, at FigPii, we have started doing so. And this also includes documenting the achievements we’ve had so far this quarter. 

Enough said, now let’s delve into the details of what my previous week looked like: 

E-commerce Conversion Newsletter

This week, as usual, I sent yet another edition of the FigPii newsletter on Monday at 10 am Eastern time.

As you all know from this series, our newsletter has been a work in progress. I’ve been testing different subject lines and copy length to see what works best. 

In the past three weeks, to be exact, I have been focusing on making the newsletter more:

  • Personalized,
  • Informative,
  • Easy to grasp,
  • And catchy. 

Some of the tactics i have done to achieve the above are: 

  • Increasing the number of links within the newsletter,
  • Writing shorter sentences and paragraphs,
  • Adding more information to each point mentioned,
  • Adding visuals,
  • And writing the newsletter as if it was a conversation between two people.

And, I am happy to say that there has been an improvement in the numbers:

  1. Week 1:
  • Open rate: 31.9%.
  • Click rate: 0.8%.
  1. Week 2:
  • Open rate: 36.1%.
  • Click rate: 1.6%.
  1. Week 3:
  • Open rate: 40.2%.
  • Click rate: 2.4%.

In this newsletter, I have answered the most asked question out there:

How to increase the conversion rate for e-commerce stores?

I gave four tips mentioned in one of our blogs, “11 Tips To Increase Your Ecommerce Store’s Conversion Rate.”

These tips are:

  1. Make sure your product descriptions are clear and concise.
  2. Ensure that your website is mobile-friendly.
  3. Include reviews for each product in your eCommerce store.
  4. Use free shipping as an incentive for more sales.

If you didn’t see this week’s newsletter, here is a …

Wait for a second!

Anyways, as I was saying, here is a snippet:

A/B Testing Wednesdays

If you have been following my journey at FigPii, you will know that I publish a case study on my personal LinkedIn every Wednesday.

I call these posts: #A/BtestingWednesdays

The case studies consist of previous successful AB tests that we have conducted for our clients.

This week, I have published a new case study for an award-winning platform that helps schools raise money.

The purpose of this experiment was to:

  1. Simplify the donation (checkout) process by reducing its steps,
  2. Increase the average donation value collected.

If you want to know what we did to improve it, how does the final result; the variation looks like, and the percentage of uplift that happened in the conversion rate, you can check it here.

New A/B Testing Tools Blog

Three weeks ago, I started a series of comparison blogs between the top AB testing tools.

  1. Google Optimize vs. AB Tasty,
  2. Omniconvert vs. Kameleoon,
  3. This week: Freshmarketer vs. Adobe Target.

After reading this series, you should be able to know the difference – in terms of features, pros and cons, integrations, pricing, etc. – between all the top A/B testing tools. 


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Wrapping Things Up

That is it for this week!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s blog. I sure did.

However, before I leave you to your weekends, tell me what interests you the most in this series? What do you feel needs enhancement? And, what do you want to read more about?

I will be waiting to hear from you.

Until next week,