What a past couple of weeks!

Black Friday, followed by Cyber Monday, and then many tasks to catch up on.

However, it has been a week full of new learnings.

So, shall we start?

This is how my week went by:

A Post BFCM Newsletter

This week, I sent the FigPii newsletter as usual on Monday at 10 am Eastern time.

However, this Monday happened to be Cyber Monday (CM) and after Black Friday (BF).

That is why I focused on leaving our subscribers with some tips to help them post BF.

There were three tips:

  1. Analyze sales data,
  2. Segment your customer,
  3. And, keep your deals until New Year.

If you didn’t see it, here is a little peek:

Also, you should subscribe, in case you aren’t.

You can subscribe here.

Moreover, I did some AB testing on this week’s newsletter.

I tested the subject title again.

I wanted to know, through this AB test, if people would be interested in having a new headline every week. Instead of a constant one.

So, I tested between:

  • Hold on, Black Friday IS NOT OVER YET! 
  • And, the usual headline ‘Into the world of CRO with FigPii.’

The winner was the new headline, ‘Hold on, Black Friday IS NOT OVER YET.’

The numbers were:

  • Hold on, Black Friday IS NOT OVER YET! 
  • Into the world of CRO with FigPii

Furthermore, in comparison to last week:

  • Last week:

Open rate: 31.9%

Click rate: 0.8%

  • This week:

Open rate: 34.5%

Click rate: 1.6%

The increase in click rate might be due to the other part of the newsletter where I mentioned FigPii’s upcoming event ‘What Top Agencies Don’t Tell You.’

The event is super exciting!

If you are still a small-sized agency trying to grow, this is the perfect chance for you!

At this event, which will take place on the 16th of December, 12 pm ET/9 am PT/6 pm CEST; you’ll learn the secrets on how to grow agencies from the experts in the ecosystem. 

Our speakers will be:

Hurry up & register now!

A New Case study Published

This week, I published a new case study for a client working in the magazine publishing industry.

The AB experiment was launched to test the headline and background.

We wanted to:

– Increase the number of subscribers.

– Engage visitors more.

– Make sure visitors understand the different types of subscriptions.

In the case study, we presented the three variations we have tested and the conversion rates for each one of them.

If you want to know more about it and see which variation won, you can check my LinkedIn post.

A New Comparison Blog In The Horizon

This week, a new comparison blog was published within the series of blogs talking about AB testing tools.

This one draws a comparison between Omniconvert and Kameleoon.

It highlights everything regarding both tools:

  • Background information,
  • Pros & cons,
  • Prices,
  • Customer reviews.

You can read it here.

This blog comes as the second to get published, after the first one about Google Optimize VS. AB Tasty.

90% Done of My Content Calendar

Okay, so this one has been challenging more than I expected it to be!

At first, I tried to do it on my own.

Then when my boss, Khalid, reviewed it, he gave me some comments and feedback.

Also, he provided me with a fantastic course for Justin Welsh called ‘The Operating system.’

I mentioned it before in last week’s blog. It was very beneficial.

It taught me:

  • The dos and don’ts on LinkedIn,
  • The mistakes I have been making in my content,
  • The paths I should take,
  • How to build my LinkedIn community,
  • How to address them.

Now, I am currently applying what I have learned.

I promise I will share the results with you all soon.

Wrapping Things Up

That is it for this week!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s blog. I sure did.

However, before I leave you to your weekends, tell me what interests you the most in this series? What do you feel needs enhancement? And, what do you want to read more about?

I will be waiting to hear from you.

Until next week,