Conversion optimization isn’t easy to tackle, and for that, you need the right tool that helps you achieve the most out of your subscription.

So you Google best CRO tool or top heatmap tool or something like that.

You search for the platforms that offer an all-in-one kind of suite, and you find FigPii and VWO.

Which one do you go for?

The answer to that question won’t be an easy one, but we’ll walk you through it, buckle up and learn all the info you need to make your decision.

Let’s start first with FigPii.

What is FigPii?

  • Introduction to FigPii 

FigPii is an all-in-one conversion rate optimization tool developed by Invesp – one of the top-rated CRO agencies in the world. For a long time, FigPii was used as an internal tool up until January 2020. 

The tool has now been in the public domain for more than two years, and it now has over 1000 reliable users who use it to generate heatmaps, deploy A/B tests, session recordings, polls, and surveys. 

As of late 2021, FigPii released a major update to its core function with the addition of ‘Recommendations’ (more about this later).

So, that’s FigPii in a nutshell.

Now let’s talk about what FigPii offers in more detail. 

A/B Testing

One of FigPii’s’ core tools is, of course, A/B tests, customers who use this tool are mostly ecommerce stores that look to increase their conversion rates by trying new designs, messages, layouts, etc. 

FigPii’s A/B testing tool lets you fine-tune your A/B test by adjusting

  • Type of Experiment
  • Page Targeting
  • Device & Visitors
  • Variations
  • Goals
  • Advanced Settings:
  • Traffic Allocation
  • Conversions & Confidence
  • IP Targeting
  • Enable scheduling
  • Referral Options
  • Campaign Options
  • Google Campaign Integrations
  • Google Analytics Integrations


FigPii offers a detailed report of heatmap analysis of your website, with a focus on conversion optimization FigPii developed its Heatmaps to tell its customers what could be improved on their website.

Here you’ll find 3 main types of heatmaps

Click maps that show you where your users clicked

Move maps show you where your users moved with their cursor

Scroll maps show you how far did your users scroll down a page on your website.

Here are some of the things FigPii lets you adjust to get the most out of your heatmaps 

  • Select the Number of Views
  • Device & Visitors
  • Page Targeting
  • Advanced Settings
  • Snapshot Delay
  • IP Targeting
  • Referral Options
  • Campaign Options
  • Google Campaign Options

Session Recordings

Knowing what your users do on your website is such an important step in any conversion optimization framework, so FigPii developed its recorder and optimized it to have the most minimal impact on your site’s load speed.

FigPii lets you know critical info about your users by not just watching their session but also giving your info like: –

  • Device
  • Country
  • If they had another session


Gathering info and feedback from your users is critical in doing customer research for optimization purposes, that’s why FigPii offers a handy polls option to go along with its suite of CRO tools.

As a crucial tool for any business, FigPIi let you target a specific audience with your surveys to get the most of them.

  • Page Targeting
  • Target the entire website or specific pages with your polls
  • Device Type
  • Target just mobile users, just desktop users, or both for best results.

Conversion Optimization Engine

FigPii as of November 2021 has released a new state-of-the-art CRO engine that helps business increase their conversion rates without having to learn CRO yourself.

It simply scans your website, analysis heatmaps, session recordings, A/B testing, etc. on your website to gather conversion opportunities then offers them in an easy-to-understand report for you.

FigPii Reviews


  • Overall FigPii has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 on Capterra.
  • It has 15 reviews on Capterra


  • Overall FigPii has a rating of 5 out of 5 on G2.
  • It has 1 review on G2

FigPii Pricing

The cheapest plan starts at $49.99/month and it allows you to collect data of 10,000 visitors/month while also giving you access to a full suite of CRO tools such as session replays, polls, A/B testing, and heatmaps. 

What is VWO?

Introduction to VWO

VWO started in 2009 as an A/B testing tool, it was called Wingify back then, then they changed their name to visual website optimizer to reflect the changes that they’re doing on their tool which later on became the VWO we now know.

VWO Testing

A/B Testing / Split URL Testing

VWO offers a strong A/B testing suite for its customers, they have been developing it since 2009 so it’s a well-matured product at this point.

Some of its features are: – 

  • Visual Editor
  • Code Editor
  • Ready-to-use custom widgets
  • Hypotheses
  • SmartStats
  • Improvement & Probability to be best
  • Conversion rate range

Multivariate Testing

One of the things that set VWO apart from competitors is the multivariate testing tool that it offers.

Some of the features that it offers in addition to the ones it offers in A/B testing are: –

Frequentist testing

Combination performance

VWO Insights

  • Funnels

Similar to the way Google Analytics has a funnel analysis, VWO offers the same functionality.

  • Session Recording 

Similar to what FigPii, VWO has a session recording tool that allows you to see what users/visitors do on your 

  • Heatmap 

While VWO offers heatmaps similar to what FigPii offers, it offers an extra feature called Element Lists which gives you a list of all the elements clicked on your website.

  • Website Survey 

WVO offers a nice-looking survey tool that let you know what you need from your users without disturbing their visit.

  • Form Analytics 

If your website has lots of forms this tool will help you optimize your forms by giving you specific analytics on how many people filled it, how much dropped, which fields made people drop, etc.

VWO FullStack

  • Server-Side Testing
  • Mobile App Testing

The VWO FullStack suite is made for developers who want to have maximum control over what tests they do, run it with whatever language they want, and more!

VWO Engage

  • VWO has expanded its suite of tools by acquiring PushCrew a marketing platform that offers:

Web Push Notifications

Facebook Messenger 

Shopping Cart 

VWO Plan

You could think of VWO Plan as your Trello, Asana, Miro, Etc. board that you organize everything testing-related in it. Its main 2 features are: –

  • Observations
  • Hypotheses

VWO Deploy

Think of VWO Deploy as a WP but on a much smaller scale, it offers site-wide building capabilities without involving developers but it’s limited.

VWO Reviews


  • Overall VWO has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Capterra.
  • It has 88 reviews on Capterra


  • Overall VWO has a rating of 4.2 out of 5 on G2.
  • It has 306 reviews on G2

VWO Pricing

  • VWO Testing Pricing
  • VWO Insights Pricing 
  • VWO FullStack Pricing 
  • VWO Engage Pricing 
  • VWO Plan Pricing
  • VWO Deploy Pricing

Unfortunately, VWO doesn’t disclose any information about its pricing for any of its different product suites, you’ll have to contact support to get a quote from them.

FigPii vs VWO in Features  

Feature FigPii VWO
Easy to use 
Can track different types of conversion goals 
Have minimal effect over page load time.
Fast responsive live chat support.
Advanced targeting based on device, browser & visitor type. 
Extremely easy to install, use, and navigate.  
Advanced anti-flicker technology.
CCPA & GDPR Compliant
All-in-one conversion rate optimization tool
Offer Machine Learning CRO System

Why the ❓ in the table?

As we wrote this blog, we’ve researched VWO very well but we aren’t a paying customer so we can only verify some of their claims like GDPR and CCPA, while we can’t verify others like affordability since they don’t say on their website or effect on page load time since we didn’t install their script ourselves.

When should you think about choosing FigPii over VWO?

Usecase No1:

If you want to see what your customers do, why, and how to improve without breaking the bank.

This point is closely related to FigPii’s pricing because FigPii starts at $49 and gives you all you want to have to begin your conversion optimization journey.

For $49 you’ll have: – 

  • Unlimited AB Tests
  • Unlimited Heatmaps
  • Unlimited Recordings
  • Unlimited Polls
  • Unlimited Users

And so you don’t really need to have anything else working with FIgPii other than Google Analytics for example to have a high level of understanding of what your users do and where do they fall and how to improve.

Usecase No2:

To get a CRO engine that gives your website improvements that are approved by a CRO specialist without yearly contracts or commitment.

FigPii offers a machine learning CRO engine that works like a CRO specialist for you 24/7, not only that but whatever recommendations it gives gets reviewed by a human CRO specialist to confirm that the recommendations are solid.

You aren’t forced into a yearly contract with FigPii because we’re a SaaS company not an agency, so you can subscribe wherever you want and cancel your subscription whenever you want.

FigPii Recommendations start at $399.99 without any extra fees, plus you get all the CRO tool suite with your subscription.

Usecase No3:

If you want to have all your tools under one platform.

Because FigPii houses everything under one roof you’ll be able to analyze heatmaps, see session recordings, run polls, deploy A/B tests all from just a single dashboard.

When should you think about choosing VWO over FigPii?

Usecase No1:

If you want a tool that offers mobile testing capabilities

VWO offers a robust A/B testing SDK for developers to deploy in their mobile apps, it has all the bells and whistles that VWO has to offer.

VWO’s SDK is open source over on GitHub so you don’t need to worry about running unknown SDKs on your app or if you’re an agency your clients’ mobile apps.

It won’t affect your app’s speed or performance because VWO supports most of the development languages for mobile apps like C#, Java, ROR, Etc.

Usecase No2:

If you use multivariate testing in your company

VWO offers not just normal A/B testing and split URL testing, but also multivariate testing which allows you to test multiple elements at the same time.

Usecase No3:

If you would like to conduct server-side testing

VWO offers server-side testing for its customers to help them build more robust tests.

Wrapping Things up

No one knows your website better than you, you know what exactly your business needs so you’ll need to make the decision yourself.

We recommend FigPii overall because of its competitive pricing, ease of use, and that it’s an all-in-one suite for CRO.

But VWO offers quite the features under its belt, and of course, with it having mobile app testing and a visual editor it makes for an excellent choice for specific people like people who have mobile apps, agencies that offer CRO for mobile apps, and more.

FigPii or VWO? That’s up to you, we tried to lay it out easy and simple for you to make the right decision that fits your requirements.