As an ecommerce marketer, you understand time is money. With the ever-increasing demands of running an online business, it can be challenging to keep up with all the tasks and responsibilities that come with it.

That’s where Chrome extensions come in! They can help you streamline your workflow, optimize your website, and provide better customer service.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to 12 of the best Chrome extensions that can help you improve your ecommerce store’s performance, save time and drive more sales.

What are Chrome Extensions?

Before we get into the best Chrome extensions for Ecommerce marketers, let’s talk about these extensions.

Chrome extensions are small software programs that users can install in their Chrome web browser to extend functionality or add new features. Chrome extensions are designed to enhance your browsing experience by adding new tools, utilities, or interfaces to the browser.

From a marketing perspective, Chrome extensions can enhance a brand’s visibility, drive engagement with users, and provide value-added services to customers.

What Ecommerce Marketers Should Look For In Chrome Extensions

When choosing Chrome extensions for your ecommerce store, there are a few key factors to consider. These include features, pricing, security, ratings and reviews, and ease of use.

By considering these factors, you can choose the best Chrome extensions for your ecommerce store and take your business to the next level.

  1. Features

First and foremost, consider the features offered by each extension. Think about the specific functionalities that would benefit your ecommerce business the most.

Are you looking for tools that help with inventory management, social media marketing, or customer support? Take note of the features that align with your needs and goals.

  1. Pricing

While many Chrome extensions are free, some may come with premium or upgraded versions offering additional features or support. Evaluate the pricing structure of each extension to determine if it fits within your budget. Consider the value of the extension and weigh it against the cost.

  1. Security

As an ecommerce store owner, it’s crucial to prioritize the security of your online business and customer data. Before installing any Chrome extension, research to ensure it comes from a reputable developer and has a good track record for security. Check if the extension requires any special permissions or access to your data, and only choose those you trust.

  1. Ratings and Reviews

One of the best ways to gauge the reliability and effectiveness of a Chrome extension is by checking its ratings and reviews. Look for extensions with positive feedback from other ecommerce marketers.

Pay attention to reviews that mention specific benefits, ease of use, and compatibility with different ecommerce platforms. This feedback can help you make an informed decision.

  1. Ease of Use

You don’t want to waste precious time struggling with a complicated or clunky extension. Consider the user interface and ease of use when selecting Chrome extensions.

Look for intuitive interfaces, clear instructions, and extensions that integrate seamlessly into your existing workflows. A user-friendly extension will save you time and effort in the long run.

Best Chrome Extensions For Site Performance and Analytics

  1. Google Lighthouse

Google lighthouse performance analysis for figpii

Google Lighthouse is another beneficial Chrome extension that website owners and marketers can use to optimize their website’s performance. It allows you to audit your site’s accessibility, responsiveness, progressive web app compatibility, etc.

Here are some of the key features of Google Lighthouse

  1. Performance analysis: Google Lighthouse analyzes a website’s performance across various metrics, including page load time, interactivity, and page size. This can help you identify areas where your site might be slow or unresponsive.
  1. Accessibility analysis: The extension also includes an accessibility analysis feature, which checks a website for compliance with WCAG 2.1 accessibility guidelines. This can help you ensure their site is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities.
  1. Best practices analysis: Google Lighthouse also checks a website for adherence to best practices in areas like SEO, security, and performance.

Pros Of Using Google Lighthouse

  1. It provides a comprehensive analysis of your website across different performance metrics.
  2. It is free and open source.
  3. It is easy to use and has a simple interface that makes it easy to run tests and view results.

Cons of Using Google Lighthouse

  1. While Google Lighthouse comprehensively analyzes a website’s performance, it doesn’t cover everything.
  2. It requires some technical knowledge to understand the results.
  3. Running multiple tests can be time-consuming, especially on large websites.

Install Google Lighthouse

  1. FigPii

FigPii is a comprehensive Chrome extension that provides website owners with tools for optimizing user experience. With FigPii, you can gain valuable insights into user behavior through session recording, heat mapping, polls, and surveys.

FigPii is an essential tool for ecommerce marketers looking to improve user engagement and increase conversions.

FigPii features include:

  1. Heatmaps: FigPii heatmaps allow ecommerce marketers to visualize how users interact with their website. This information can help them identify areas of the site that are frequently clicked, scrolled, or overlooked.

An image showing how the figpii heatmap tool works

  1. Session Recordings: This feature lets you record and playback user sessions on your website to gain insights into how users navigate the site and interact with different elements.


  1. A/B Testing: The FigPii tool allows you to set up and run A/B Tests. With the extension, you can easily change your test variation directly from the browser without logging in to the figpii website.

FigPii A/B testing sample result

  1. Polls and Surveys: These help you get direct feedback from customers on their experience with your website or product.

FigPii Polls and Surveys Sample Result

Pros of Using FigPii

  1. You get valuable insights from the heatmap, session recordings, polls, and survey tools.
  2. Quickly launch polls and surveys from your browser.
  3. FigPii extension alongside the FigPii tool makes running and monitoring A/B tests easier.
  4. Heatmaps and session recording features help you understand user challenges on your website.

Cons of Using FigPii

  1. You can’t launch new A/B tests from the Chrome extension.
  2. If you run a large e-commerce store, the free plan may not be sufficient for your needs.

Install FigPii

  1. Keywords Everywhere

google search results page using keyword everywhere extension

Keywords Everywhere is a popular Chrome extension that provides digital and ecommerce marketers valuable insights on keyword search volume and competition for search engines such as Google, Bing, and Amazon.

Here are some features of this extension:

  1. Keywords Everywhere allows users to analyze the search volume, competition, and related keywords for a specific search term or phrase.
  1. The extension provides CPC data for keywords, allowing users to estimate the cost of advertising for specific keywords.
  1. It also suggests related keywords that users can use to improve their SEO and PPC campaigns.
  1. If you use ChatGPT, you also have access to prompt templates that can make your content generation process faster.

Pros of using Keywords Everywhere

  1. It saves users time by directly providing quick and easy access to valuable keyword data in the browser.
  1. The extension is user-friendly, with a simple interface that allows users to access valuable keyword data quickly and easily.
  1. Keywords Everywhere offers a free version with limited functionality and a paid version with more advanced features at an affordable price.

Cons of using Keywords Everywhere

  1. The free version of Keywords Everywhere only provides limited data, which may not be enough for users with more advanced needs.
  1. To use Keywords Everywhere, users must sign up for an API key, which may be a barrier for some users who don’t want to go through the registration process.
  2. While Keywords Everywhere provides valuable keyword data, it may not always be accurate, as search engine algorithms and ranking factors constantly change.

Install Keywords Everywhere

Best Chrome Extensions For Social Media

  1. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo chrome extension

Buzzsumo is a popular Chrome extension that’s a must-have for Ecommerce marketers. It provides valuable insights into what content is performing well in a particular industry or niche.

Here are some features of the extension

  1. Buzzsumo allows users to analyze the top-performing content for a specific industry or niche by providing data on social media shares, engagement, and backlinks.
  1. It also provides insights into competitors, including their published content and how it performs.
  1. Content discovery: Buzzsumo also suggests content ideas based on user search queries, making it easy to find inspiration for new content.

Pros of Using BuzzSumo

  1. Buzzsumo helps users identify influential individuals and brands within their industry or niche.
  1. The extension offers many content ideas and suggestions, which can be an excellent resource for creating content for your store.
  1. Buzzsumo provides social media monitoring features, allowing users to track how their content is shared and engaged across different platforms.

Cons of Using BuzzSumo

  1. Buzzsumo’s data provide limited insights for smaller or niche markets.
  1. The full features and functionalities within Buzzsumo may come at a higher price point.
  1. Buzzsumo’s insights and data depend on external sources, and any changes or limitations imposed by these platforms may impact data accuracy and availability.

Install BuzzSumo

  1. Buffer

a screenshot of buffer chrome extension in use

Buffer is a popular social media management tool that offers a browser extension to help users easily schedule and share content across their social media profiles.

Buffer has the following features:

  1. The Buffer extension lets you schedule posts to your social media profiles with just one click, saving time and streamlining your content creation process.
  1. You can manage multiple social media profiles from one place, making it easy to stay on top of all your accounts.
  1. It provides detailed analytics and insights on the performance of your social media posts, including engagement rates, reach, and clicks.

Pros of Using Buffer Extension

  1. Buffer is a time-saving tool that simplifies scheduling and sharing content across social media platforms.
  1. You can manage all your social media profiles from one place, eliminating the need to switch between different platforms.
  1. Buffer provides in-depth analytics and insights on your social media posts, helping you to optimize your strategy and improve your performance over time.

Cons of Using Buffer Extension

  1. While the Buffer extension offers basic scheduling and sharing features, it may not have all the advanced functionalities of the Buffer web application or other social media management tools.
  1. Buffer supports a limited number of social media platforms, which may not cover all of your brand or business’s channels.
  1. Buffer’s full range of features requires a paid subscription, which may be a limiting factor for individuals or small businesses on a tight budget.

Instal Buffer

  1. Hubspot Social

creating a tweet using the hubspot social extension

Like Buffer, Hubspot Social is a social media management tool that offers a browser extension to help you easily manage your social media activities.

Some key features of Hubspot Social Include the following:

  1. Post scheduling: The HubSpot Social extension lets you schedule and publish posts across your social media profiles, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
  1. Social media monitoring: With the extension, you can monitor and respond to social media conversations and mentions in real time, allowing you to stay on top of your brand’s online reputation.
  1. Analytics and insights: It provides detailed analytics and insights on the performance of your social media posts, allowing you to track and optimize your social media strategy.

Pros of Using Hubspot Social Extension

  1. It saves the time you would have spent managing your social media profiles from multiple platforms.
  1. It is a one-stop shop for your social media needs.
  1. HubSpot Social integrates with other HubSpot tools, including CRM, marketing, and sales software, providing a seamless user experience.

Cons of Using Hubspot Social Extension

  1. HubSpot Social requires a paid subscription to access its full features, which may be a limiting factor for individuals or small businesses on a tight budget.
  1. With its comprehensive feature set, the HubSpot Social extension may have a steeper learning curve than other social media management tools.
  1. HubSpot Social supports a limited number of social media platforms, which may not cover all your brand or business’s channels.

Install Hubspot Social

Best Chrome Extensions For Productivity

  1. Zapier

zapier chrome extension homepage

Zapier is an automation tool that connects various apps and services to automate tasks and workflows. While Zapier is a web-based platform, it offers a Chrome extension that enhances its functionality.

Here are some of the key features of the Zapier Extension:

  1. Trigger-based automation: The Zapier extension allows you to create automated workflows, called “Zaps,” by connecting triggers and actions between different apps.
  1. It is easy to set up and manage automations
  1. Zapier offers broad app integration, allowing you to connect and automate actions between apps such as Gmail, Slack, Trello, Google Sheets, etc.

Pros of Using Zapier Extension

  1. It saves time.
  2. Its integration with other apps makes automating workflows across various apps easy.
  3. You can customize the “Zaps” to suit your specific business needs.

Cons of Using Zapier Extension

  1. Creating Zaps and understanding triggers and actions can be complex for users who are new to automation or with limited technical knowledge.
  1. Zapier offers a free plan with certain limitations, such as a limited number of Zaps and monthly task limits.
  1. Zapier relies on the APIs and integrations provided by third-party apps. If an app discontinues its integration or changes its API, it may impact the functionality and compatibility of your existing Zaps.

Install Zapier

  1. LastPass

LastPass chrome extension

If you have multiple passwords and don’t want to go through the stress of remembering them every time you need to log in, you need LastPass. LastPass is a password manager that offers a free Chrome extension to make managing your passwords and online security easier.

Features of LastPass include:

  1. Save and autofill passwords: LastPass stores your passwords securely, automatically filling them in when you visit a website.
  1. Password generator: LastPass can create strong, unique passwords for you, so you don’t have to come up with them yourself.
  1. Secure notes: You can store other sensitive information, such as credit card numbers or software licenses, in secure notes within LastPass.
  1. Form filling: LastPass can save and autofill other form data, such as your name and address, to save you time.
  1. Two-factor authentication: LastPass offers various two-factor authentication options, such as Google Authenticator, to add an extra layer of security to your account.


Pros of Using LastPass Extension

  1. Convenient: With LastPass, you only need to remember one master password instead of multiple passwords for different sites.
  1. Secure: LastPass uses strong encryption and other security measures to protect your data.
  1. Free version available: The basic features of LastPass are free, making it accessible to many people.

Cons of Using LastPass Extension

  1. It can take some time to learn how to use all of the features of LastPass effectively.
  1. LastPass works best with Chrome, but some users have reported issues with other browsers.
  1. Since LastPass is a cloud-based service, you need an internet connection to access your saved passwords and other data.

Install LastPass

  1. Todoist

Todoist chrome extension

How can you even manage your Ecommerce store without a project management/task creation Chrome extension like Todoist? Todoist is a task management tool that offers a free Chrome extension to simplify organizing tasks and to-do lists.

Here are some essential features of Todoist that Ecommerce marketers can find helpful:

  1. Task creation: You can quickly add new tasks to your to-do list from the extension without navigating to the Todoist app.
  1. Reminders: You can set reminders for your tasks to ensure you don’t forget anything important.
  1. Project and label management: You can manage your Todoist projects and labels directly from the Chrome extension without switching to the app.
  1. Integration with other tools: Todoist integrates with many other apps and tools, such as Google Calendar and Trello.

Pros of Using Todoist Extension

  1. Easy to use: The Todoist Chrome extension is intuitive and straightforward, making it easy to manage your tasks without any unnecessary steps.
  1. Customizable: You can customize the Todoist extension to show only the information you need, such as your tasks for today or your priority tasks.
  1. Integrations: Integrating with other tools makes it easy to manage your tasks in one place.

Cons of Using Todoist Extension

  1. The Todoist Chrome extension is useful for managing your tasks, but it does not have all of the features of the full Todoist app.
  1. Todoist requires an internet connection to access your tasks and data, like many other cloud-based tools.
  1. The Todoist Chrome extension interface is simple and functional, but some users may prefer a more visually appealing interface.


Install Todoist

Best Chrome Extensions For Product Research and Sales

  1. ChargeDesk

ChargeDesk Chrome Extension

As an Ecommerce store owner, there will probably be a couple of services you are subscribed to, and it can be challenging to keep track of these services. To avoid getting charged for subscriptions you no longer need and saving your money, Chargedesk is the tool you need.

Chargedesk is a subscription management tool that makes managing your subscriptions easier. Here are some of the features of Chargedesk

  1. Subscription tracking: You can use the Chargedesk Chrome extension to track your subscriptions and manage your payments in one place.
  1. Automatic renewal notifications: The extension can send you notifications when your subscriptions are about to renew so that you can avoid unwanted charges.
  1. Cancellation support: You can cancel your subscriptions directly from the Chargedesk extension without navigating to the subscription website.
  2. Integration with other tools: Chargedesk integrates with various tools like Slack and Trello to help you manage your subscriptions more efficiently.

Pros of Using Chargedesk Extension

  1. The Chargedesk Chrome extension is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy to manage your subscriptions without any hassle.
  1. With Chargedesk, you can track all your subscriptions in one place, so you never miss a payment, cancelation, or renewal.
  1. You can customize the renewal notification settings to fit your needs and avoid any unwanted charges.

Cons of Using Chargedesk Extension

  1. The Chargedesk Chrome extension is useful for subscription management, but it may not have all of the features of the complete Chargedesk tool.
  1. While Chargedesk integrates with other tools, the integrations may not be as extensive as some users need.
  1. Chargedesk may be unable to track subscriptions from all countries or languages.


Install Chargedesk

  1. Currency Converter

currency converter chrome extension

Currency Converter is a valuable tool for ecommerce marketers who sell products to customers worldwide. Instead of having your customers do the conversion to their local currencies, this extension solves that problem for you.

Here’s how it can benefit ecommerce marketers:

  1. Real-time currency conversion: With the ability to convert over 150 currencies in real-time, you can provide their customers with accurate pricing information in their local currency.
  1. Multiple currency display: You can display multiple currencies simultaneously, making it easy for customers to compare prices in their currency.
  1. Customizable settings: The extension can be customized to show the currencies that the ecommerce store owner uses most often and change the look and feel of the extension to fit the store’s branding.
  1. Offline mode: The extension also works offline, so it can be used it even when not connected to the internet.

Pros of Using Currency Converter Extension

  1. By displaying prices in multiple currencies, your online store can reach a wider audience and potentially increase sales from customers in different countries.
  1. Currency Converter is a simple, user-friendly extension that can be installed quickly and easily.

Cons of Using Currency Converter Extension

  1. The extension may display ads and pop-ups, which can distract some customers.
  1. The extension may not support all currencies, and it may not be able to provide real-time exchange rates for some less-common currencies.

Install Currency Converter

  1. AmzScout Pro

AmzScout pro chrome extension

AmzScout is a powerful web-based tool and Chrome extension that provides sellers on Amazon with detailed data and analysis to help them make informed decisions about their business.

It boasts several features designed to help marketers boost their sales on Amazon.

  1. Product database: AmzScout Pro provides a comprehensive database of products on Amazon, along with vital information such as product descriptions, pricing, and reviews.
  1. Product research: With AmzScout Pro, Amazon sellers can conduct in-depth research on a particular product or niche to identify potentially profitable areas to expand their business.
  1. Competitor analysis: AmzScout Pro helps sellers stay ahead by providing detailed information on their competitors’ sales, pricing, and inventory levels.

Pros of Using AmzScout Pro Extension

  1. AmzScout Pro offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes it easy for sellers to navigate and find the data they need.
  1. AmzScout Pro’s data is updated frequently, ensuring that sellers have access to the most up-to-date and accurate information possible.
  1. Affordable pricing: AmzScout Pro offers a range of pricing plans, making it accessible to sellers of all sizes and budgets.

Cons of Using AmzScout Pro Extension

  1. While the AmzScout Pro Chrome extension is a powerful tool, it can only be used with the Chrome browser, limiting its accessibility to some users on other browsers.
  1. While AmzScout Pro offers a free trial, the features are limited and do not offer the full range of data and analysis available in the paid version.
  1. AmzScout Pro offers a wide range of features, which can be overwhelming for new users and may require some time to learn and fully utilize.


Install AMZScout Pro

Over To You

Chrome extensions can be a game-changer for ecommerce marketers, providing them with valuable insights, tools, and functionality to improve their online business.

From enhancing productivity and organization to optimizing website design and increasing conversion rates.

The right extensions can help ecommerce entrepreneurs save time and money while growing their revenue.