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Heatmaps, Session recordings, AB Testing, Polls.

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Understanding Your Customers
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AB Testing
Video Recording
AB Testing

How do you know what designs or copy resonate best with site visitors? With FigPii's AB testing engine, it's no longer a question. With an easy to use interface and wizard, creating and launching tests that prove your hypotheses has never been easier.

Launch AB or Split Tests
Use the visual wizard
Use Code
Target tests for campaigns
Advanced targeting
Bayesian statistics
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Visualize where visitors click, what they care about, and their scrolling behaviors on your site. This will help you determine the placement of elements, where visitors are confused, and how to make the page more engaging.

Scroll Maps
Click Data
Video Recording

Taking a peek into visitor behavior to get the full story of their journey on your site is powerful.
With FigPii's video recording, you can access that information, determine the starting and ending point you'd like to see visitors take, and get aggregate information of other visitors that take similar paths.

Replay sessions
View visitors actions
Easy filtering
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Hear directly from visitors by launching polls to investigate why they are abandoning certain pages, what is motivating them, what preferences do they have regarding your content, product or services.

Direct feedback from visitors
Target specific segments
Target specific campaigns
Multiple question types

FigPii increases the effectiveness of every marketing dollar you spend

It's not easy to understand your site visitor motivations, intent, and actions on the site. FigPii is making it easier by offering a suite of tools that tracks visitor movement. Records visitor behaviors, asks visitors questions, captures their email, and test their design and UX preferences.

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