Happy Friday!

The weekend is finally here. I know you probably can’t wait, and I won’t keep you long.

Here is a quick recap of my productive week.

As always, my week was full of learning. I worked on developing my work. And, this is something I have to do if I am to accomplish my quarterly OKRs and KPIs.

If you’ve been following my journey, you’d know that my OKRs are centered around content. And that they’re all tied to brand awareness. 

But, when it comes to KPIs, I’m only focusing on building a personal brand on LinkedIn.

In between juggling different tasks, I always find time to listen to podcasts and read marketing articles. I guess it comes with the job. 

Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty of what my week looked like: 

First, Of Course, FigPii’s Newsletter:

Week after week, I always try to improve the open rate, click rate, and the number of subscribers of the FigPii newsletter. 

And the only way to achieve that is to provide value to our subscribers constantly. 

This also reminds me of a recent LinkedIn post by Adam Kitchen – Magnet Monster’s CEO and email marketing expert – which says: 

A few sentences in that post caught my eye:

“Just focused on adding as much value as possible with every send and understanding our audience. No hard-selling: when the time comes, people who want to work with us will.”

In those two sentences, Adam conveyed two essential email marketing lessons: “Adding value” and “understanding our audience.” And this is something I always think about when writing our newsletter. 

This week’s newsletter was all about A/B testing during Black Friday. It was based on a blog post written by my colleague Simbar. If you missed the newsletter, check out the screenshot below: 

I chose this topic for three reasons:

  1. Obviously, because Black Friday is around the corner. understanding our audience.”
  2. Also, it might be something some business owners might be thinking about. understanding our audience.” 
  3. The blog is highly informative and will answer all of your questions. Adding value.

Here is the blog, in case you need a good weekend read!

P.S: Thank you, Simba, for this fantastic blog.

Second, a Blog About Our Newest Tool:

While going through my share of podcasts this week, I listened to another great episode of ‘30 Minutes of Marketing‘ by my colleagues Mostafa and Simba.

This episode’s name was ‘FigPii Recommendations‘, and their guest was our Head of Customer Success, Reza Jalaei.

In this episode, they talked about an incredible tool by FigPii called ‘FigPii Recommendations.’ 

And that’s where the idea came to me, to introduce people to it. Why? 

Well, this tool can be super helpful after finishing A/B testing. It can help businesses use their data from testing and give them solutions for their websites.

So, I decided to write a blog about it, explaining it to people, how the idea came to us, and how it can benefit businesses of all sizes. 

I started by talking with Reza about it since he is the expert in it. Then, I got some links from him to read and understand more, and I am currently writing it.

Food for thought, listening to podcasts, webinars, reading, and talking to others in the same field as yours, can help you brainstorm. 

Expanding your horizon will for sure open up the gates to creative writing and present new topics to blog about.

User Case Studies are ready!

So, here is an update to the task that I have been nagging you about in the last few blogs.

One user case study down, and more to come. *Doing a happy dance*

Our excellent UI/UX Designer, Frosina Dardha, worked on the design templates for the use case studies for LinkedIn and Instagram. Let me tell you, they are unbelievable.

Moreover, after meeting with our Co-Founder Ayat Shukairy last week, I have a new case study.

I have already finished the copy for it with the help of my boss, Khalid Saleh. The design will follow shortly.

The case studies we have chosen are very insightful. The effort exerted on them is indeed shown. 

The copies attached as captions to the designs will explain the work done on the control versions (the original ones) and the variations.

For anyone interested or working in conversion rate optimization, these A/B tests will significantly help you learn more about it.

Wrapping Things Up:

As I mentioned before, this week was all about learning something new and implementing it. It is like doing my kind of A/B testing if I can call it so.

I will keep doing this till I get the hang of things, and along the way, I will try as much as possible to expose you to everything I am learning so you can benefit from it.

Until next week.

Happy weekend in advance.