Hello there! Hope you had a productive week, and a happy weekend ahead.

As for my week, I am slowly starting to dig deep into my action plan to fulfill my mission and OKRs for this quarter.

It’s almost three decades since Bill Gates uttered the now-famous adage “Content is KING”, and that phrase still rings true in 2021. At FigPii, we live and swear by content, and one of my main tasks is to improve our content game, distribute it, and align it to brand objective: awareness.

I forgot to mention, in last week’s blog, that I’m now a certified Conversion Optimizer. It took me two weeks to go through Invesp’s Mastery CRO Course. Honestly, I have no idea how this slipped my mind, it’s probably because my first few weeks at FigPii were so thrilling.

Now that you have an idea of what my mission is about, let’s talk about the exact things I’m doing – on a weekly basis – to achieve my objectives.

N.B: This week, I bothered my colleague Simbar Dube, our Growth Marketing Manager at Invesp, asking for his opinion about a lot of things, or maybe the past couple of weeks, not sure! 

Anyway, thank you so much, Simba. Heads up, I might keep bothering you for a while.

First Task: The Weekly Newsletter:

Every Monday at around 10 am Eastern Time, I send the FigPii Newsletter to the subscribers of FigPii. This weekly newsletter, as I mentioned in the previous blog, focuses on anything related to Conversion Rate Optimization, interesting podcasts or webinars, beneficial LinkedIn posts or the latest news, and our top blogs of the week on FigPii.

I sent FigPii’s second newsletter and I am happy with the slight improvement with this week’s one.

Compared to last week’s one, which was an introductory one, this one is a bit more personalized as I am trying to make it as if I am speaking face to face with our readers, and that’s what I am aiming for. 

This week’s newsletter, in case you aren’t subscribed to our email list which I highly recommend you to if you are in the CRO space, had two exciting things:

  1. I talked about tips and tricks Simbar has used to grow the Invesp email list. Why did I mention this awesome blog? Because email marketing is important for any business, it allows you to build relationships with your leads and customers. Also, it gives you the opportunity to speak directly to them.

The full blog with all the details is here.

  1. I mentioned a very insightful podcast I listened to, called The ABM Conversations Podcast, by Yaagneshwaran Ganesh. He interviewed our CEO Khalid Saleh, where they talked about:
  1. What conversion optimization is and is not? And why is conversion optimization prioritized way more in eCommerce than B2B SaaS companies?
  2. What to expect as an outcome from Conversion Rate Optimization?
  3. How to layout a conversion optimization plan and the factor to account for?
  4. The conversion framework and its principles.
  5. How to optimize for the different stages of the buying cycle, and a lot more…

It is very useful for anyone working in Conversion Rate Optimization or who wants to learn about it.

If you listened to anything interesting, pass it along, please. I love podcasts.

Second Task: Writing a Blog Post: 

I finished writing a blog named ‘How to Improve Your WordPress Site Conversions Using FigPii’ and published it.

Shall we do a bit of a rewind to how the content process started? 

So, I started brainstorming for a subject to write about for my first blog at FigPii.

Then, I started talking with my colleague Mostafa Daoud about doing keyword research for our website. So, as a savior, he had already done one. I took a look at it and decided to write about WordPress heatmaps first. I wanted to tackle the subject of WordPress and FigPii altogether in general.

Afterward, I talked with Simbar and he suggested writing about how to grow WordPress websites using FigPii, and that’s how it started.

First, I started drawing an outline for the blog, like initial bullet points to follow while writing. Then, I started researching the topic. Afterward, I met with Reza Jalaei, our Head of Customer Success, to ask him about our tools, how to integrate FigPii with WordPress, how FigPii helps WordPress websites, etc…

After many edits, it was finally time to publish it.

I loved the team effort, and despite apologizing endlessly for disturbing them, it didn’t bother them.

3rd Task: Case Studies, Case Studies, and More Case Studies!

One of my OKRs this quarter involves working on a really cool task, which is presenting and writing about some of the case studies for Invesp and FigPii.

I will post one case study per week on LinkedIn, showing in detail how the A/B testing process went and the final results.

So, after bombarding Khalid endlessly asking him for the case studies, sorry for that boss, he finally sent me many interesting ones.

I started working on it today, with the help of our Co-Founder Ayat Shukairy, and hopefully, it will turn out well.

This task will allow me also to test and show off the designer in me, not promising anything though. Hopefully, my boss won’t forbid me from designing ever again.

4th Task: Building a Personal Brand on LinkedIn:

My KPI for this quarter is increasing my LinkedIn followers. Building personal brands on LinkedIn is a vital part of any business, as people relate to their fellow humans faster than they relate to the brand itself, making you a representative of it.

Currently, I have 366 followers! I know, not impressive, at all. However, I am currently searching for new content ideas for LinkedIn.

What about you? What do you do to grow your LinkedIn profiles? Any ideas? 

Promise will share them next blog in case anyone needs to know.

Weekly Team Discussions

At first, as a team, we were using Trello for adding our tasks, Toggl for time tracking, and Zokri for KPIs and OKRs.

Then, a while ago, Reza suggested switching to ClickUp, as it combines all of the three factors mentioned above: a place to add our tasks in detail, we can track time, and set our OKRs and KPIs.

After further discussions, we started using it, and honestly, it is hassle-free, time-efficient, and all in one place; All 3 in 1.

So, my advice to you. To manage time better, and be more productive, use fewer applications and tools that provide you with the services you need in one place.

By the way, what tools do you use at your work that makes your life easier?

Wrapping Things Up!

Still, this is my favorite task to do. I hope you are enjoying it as much as I do.

Don’t hesitate to send me anything you want to read in next week’s blog, I will surely include it.

Happy reading!

Until next week.