As the new Content Marketer at FigPii, this is the first blog of the weekly series ‘Sherine’s Journey With FigPii.

As you can see from the title of the series, this is my way of talking about being a part of FigPii’s world in specific and the ecosystem of SaaS in general. So, who am I? Why did I start this series? And what am I going to write here?



Let Us Do Introductions First:

I am a 29 years old Content Marketer. I have started working at FigPii around three weeks ago and have never worked in a SaaS before. However, being here now is a world full of challenges, opportunities, and learning to me. 


Why Did I Start This Series?

Honestly, it was my boss’s idea, Khalid Saleh, CEO of FigPii and Invesp. Also, it was one of the key results that my friend and co-worker Mostafa Daoud and I came up with for this quarter.

However, self-journey blogs have always been my favorite kind of writings. That is why I was excited about the idea when we talked about my OKRs for this quarter. 


What Am I Going to Talk About Here?

Well, bits and pieces of everything. Starting from how did my week go, to the new experiments that we are conducting, to my endless nagging about finishing my OKRs. 

Also, I am going to talk about my co-workers, team, and boss. 

Moreover, news about FigPii, events we are hosting, and, of course, every new thing I will learn here. 

Heads up, it will be a lot of talking, so please bear with me. However, I promise that I will try to keep it as fun as possible.


So, About My First Few Weeks at FigPii:

Throughout the years, I have worked in many places. So, believe me when I say intuitions and actions over first impressions. 

The people of FigPii understand what is meant by joint efforts, teamwork, and offering a helping hand, and it is what it takes to have a productive environment. 


How Much Did I Learn About FigPii So Far?

If you do not know, FigPii is a SaaS tool offering services like heat mapssession recordingspolls, and A/B testing

All of these can help you enhance your relationship with your consumers, understand them better, and increase your conversions.

As for me, as a Content person, this is heaven; The thought of endless possibilities of topics to learn and write about is just pure heaven!

However, that does not mean that it is not challenging, tricky, and somehow tough. Why?

Well, first of all, I have never written about any of these subjects before. Second, all of these require a lot of brainstorming, researching, and reading. Also, as my colleague, Simba Dube from our sister company Invesp told me: 

You have to think about what new you are going to offer to the user to read.

If you think about it, many people have written about these topics. So, I need to think outside of the box. However, to calm my ragging thoughts, and based on what I conducted from my talks with Khalid and Mostafa, beginnings are always a matter of trial and error. So, fingers crossed.

Anyhow, setting my troubles aside, seriously, how cool are heat maps and session recordings? 

Can you imagine the absolute possibilities of being able to track your users? How much of an advantage do you get by understanding their behaviors? Also, to know where exactly do they take action the most on your website.

It is not only helpful for me as a Content Creator but for many others. For UX Designers, IT Engineers, Digital Marketers, etc…

Moreover, about A/B tests, they have endless benefits for your website, not just higher conversion rates. They also improve user engagement, improve the content, reduce bounce rates, reduce cart abandonment, and increase sales.

Now, tell me, which business does not need FigPii for its own sake?

All of them!


Interesting Tasks I Did up Until Now:

I started working at FigPii at the end of the third quarter of the year, so I participated in a small percentage of the work that was taking place. 

First of all, I started working on proofreading FigPii’s website content. I liked the content, and, to be honest, it has not been that hard to edit. It was brief, engaging, and user-friendly. 

Second, I worked on my OKRs for the 4th quarter (sorry, these are top secrets, but I will be sharing them bit by bit as the quarter goes by!). 

While deciding on my OKRs, and meeting up with my teammates and boss for help, I can say that the challenge is beyond expectations this quarter. I am getting out of my comfort zone and going beyond my capabilities. Terrifying yet exciting!

Thirdly, Mostafa and I are currently doing an exciting task. We are conducting interviews for an open position within our marketing team at FigPii.

Khalid has a famous quote regarding hiring, saying: 

I hire people for attitude, not for skills.

I understand that sentence now very clearly. Let us say that I appreciate people who believe in their capabilities, know their strengths, and admit their weaknesses proudly. Still, they would be willing to learn, work hard, ask for help, and accept it. Hince, the words ‘ask and accept.’

On to more thrilling tasks! 

I started working on our brand new newsletter ‘Into The World of CRO With FigPii.’ You should subscribe and check it out. It will be your gate to anything you need to know about CRO.

Last but not least, I am writing this series, which I love doing the most honestly.


Wrapping Things Up!

I am enjoying writing this series more than I should. However, I can use your help and ask you a favor. Please share with me, if you are up to it, any ideas or questions you want to know in this blog about our company, CRO, team, anything. I will be happy to answer all of your questions and queries.

Here is my email address:

I will be waiting to hear back from you.

Until next time.