2021 has been overwhelming.

Objectives to achieve, tasks to complete, and personal goals to hit.

As for us, the FigPii Marketing team, it was a continuous effort to grow.

You know, with so many goals lingering on your head, there are also so many questions that need to be answered. Questions like: 

  • How to optimize the FigPii market strategy? 
  • How to build brand awareness for the platform?
  • How to increase the website traffic?
  • How to grow FigPii’s social media accounts?
  • How to build our personal social media presence?

Everyone within the company had a role to play in order to achieve the same purpose.

So, this quarter we decided to pick up where we had left in the previous one. And since I was getting good feedback about the self-journey series, I then decided to carry it to this quarter.  

But, there are a couple of changes I will have to make – on this series – based on the feedback I got from Khalid. 

Some of the changes include publishing once every three weeks, instead of every week. 

The idea behind this thinking is to make the posts more informative. Each blog will talk about the tasks I would have done in the previous three weeks. 

With that said, now let’s shift gears and focus on what I have for you in this post. 🤗

This post is a mixture of key takeaways from the previous quarter, and what has happened, so far, in the past three weeks. 

I will also highlight my current OKRs so as to contextualize what has happened in the previous three weeks.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive in?

My Three OKRs For This Quarter

In the previous quarter, I had two OKRs, and now I have three – which are: 

  1. Increase the monthly visitors to the website to 1K.
  2. Increase FigPii LinkedIn followers to 500.
  3. Increase the email list to 500.

I know, they look like a piece of cake, but they will require a lot of smart work. 

If you are familiar with the concept of OKRs, you’d know that they have initiatives or tasks with them. 

So here are my tasks for each OKR: 

First OKR:

  • Bottom of the funnel blogs.
  • Self-Journey blogs.

Second OKR:

  • We are transferring successful AB tests that we have conducted for our clients to case studies to post on FigPii’s LinkedIn and my LinkedIn.

They will be posted every Wednesday.

  • Posting once daily on FigPii and Invesp’s LinkedIn accounts.
  • Creating three cheat sheets with various tips on how to optimize your website.

Third OKR:

  • We will continue with our FigPii’s newsletter as it is.

We will send it every Monday at 9 am Eastern time.

  • Also, we have three events this quarter, where we launched the first one on the 20th of January.

It consisted of founders of some of the top agencies, who talked about their secrets on how to:

  1. Generate leads.
  2. Price your services.
  3. Deal with demanding clients.

And many more…

Increasing FigPii’s Website Traffic

Last quarter, we saw a significant increase in our website traffic. Most of the visits were from new visitors – a reflection on how good our brand awareness campaign was. 

In a space of three months, there was a 124% increase in traffic on the FigPii website.

All thanks to content marketing. 

It’s true, content marketing works. Especially if you focus on: 

  • BoFu content.
  • Self-Journey blogs.
  • Producing SEO-friendly content.
  • Updating previous content.

AB Testing FigPii’s Newsletter

Our FigPii newsletter has been improving remarkably.

We have started sending it in October 2021.

And ever since then, I have been trying to develop it as much as I can.

After many trials, I figured out that one of the most effective ways to help with the progress of email marketing is to “AB test.”

It helps you in knowing:

  • What kind of content do your users like.
  • What kind of headlines attracts them to open your email.
  • Which type of links they would be willing to click on.
  • If they like visuals or not.
  • Whether they would continue scrolling in case of long newsletters or not.

For the past quarter, our numbers have been decent. 

Our average campaign performance is:

  • Open rate: 39.1%.
  • Click rate: 2.7%.

We will continue with our AB testing until we reach satisfactory results.

Growing our LinkedIn Page

One of my main OKRs and goals for this quarter is to increase our FigPii LinkedIn followers to at least 500.

From the beginning of this quarter, I have created a social media content calendar for FigPii and Invesp with Simba.

The content calendar is complete, and we have started posting.

How have we created one?

Well, here are a few tips to help you:

  1. We started by figuring out who we wanted to target.
  2. Then, we started looking at what our direct and indirect competitors are posting, their frequency of posting, and the kinds of content they are focusing on.
  3. Afterward, we started forming categories for our posts to focus on to organize our workflow.
  4. Then we started writing our posts into an excel sheet.

And voila, we started posting.

Having an active social media account can help in:

  • Keeping your current followers.
  • Attracting new ones.
  • Building a presence on social media, hence, growing our brand awareness.

Stepping Up Our Case Studies’ Game

Working on creating case studies has been one of the most successful tasks from last quarter.

So, we have been transforming some of our winning AB tests into case studies to post on LinkedIn.

The task was a huge hit that we have decided to up our game and start working on cheat sheets for this quarter.

The cheat sheets will focus on the lessons learned from previous case studies.

The cheat sheets will take the form of PDF and will be posted on FigPii’s website.

There are many purposes behind creating the cheat sheets:

  • Increasing our website traffic.
  • Distributing our current content more.
  • Helping with growing our LinkedIn family.
  • Growing our email list.

Wrapping Things Up

I know, this seems like a lot of work.

And trust me, I am feeling it. However, I believe that this quarter will be astounding.

As one says:

Double the trouble, double the fun!

Until the next blog,