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In every business (no matter if small or big) it is important to know your users’ opinion on the company’s services and products. The on-site poll helps to do that!

It’s a really easy way to get valuable data about your visitors and gather their feedback on any subject.

On-site polls: Definition

On-site polls are a quick and easy way for you to collect your visitors’ thoughts on how they feel about their experience when browsing your website. 

One of the best ways to get feedback from your customers is by creating an on-site poll.

Providing this opportunity not only gives your visitors a voice but also provides you with valuable information that can be used to improve your user experience. 

What do on-site polls tell you?

The information collected by on-site polls, surveys, and questionnaires can have different uses. But the most important thing is to improve your growth, by seeking to know:

  • What your customer wants
  • What he likes / dislikes about your offer

On-site polls have many advantages over traditional survey methods for several reasons:

  • The cost of an on-site survey remains very low and easily controllable
  • Speedy administration of questionnaires
  • Quality of the responses provided, in particular in the context of satisfaction surveys
  • Speed ​​and ease of analysis and processing of on-site polls data

Examples of On-site polls tools

1- HotJar

Hotjar allows you to combine analysis and collection of user feedback. This tool gives voice to your customers that you can directly question the why of their actions.
The on-site poll feature adds a tab (or widget) to your E-Commerce site, where users can click to leave comments. This allows people to give their opinion when there is a problem, which can help you avoid losing potential customers.

How does it work?

There are 2 different stages:

  1. Install the code, either live on your site or via Google Tag Manager.
  2. Choose which pages you want to track and on what volume. 

Hotjar works in packages of 1000, 2000, or 10,000 views. Set your dates and, at the deadline, check out Hotjar’s analysis.


For Personal Use: 

  • Basic – Forever Free 

This freemium plan allows to create and store 3 Surveys & Incoming Feedback widgets.

  • Plus – $39/month

The Plus plan is suitable for low-traffic sites. It allows unlimited Surveys & Incoming Feedback widgets.

For Business Use: 

  • Business – $99/month 

Suitable for businesses of all sizes, this plan allows 500 full user sessions per day and unlimited Surveys & Incoming Feedback widgets.

  • Scale – $389/month 

This plan gives you 4,000 daily sessions, continuous Surveys & incoming feedback, and training with a Hotjar specialist.

For Agencies: 

  • Agency – Quote-based

Finally, they have a quote-based Agency plan that gives you access to unlimited client sites in one central account. You can upgrade and download this plan anytime you want.

2- FigPii

FigPii is a powerful CRO cloud platform that helps businesses design UX and identify visitor intent, behavior, and preferences by tracking interactions through on-site polls, heat maps, and session recordings. Using FigPii, you can run a poll on a single page on your site (homepage, cart, pricing, ordering confirmation, etc.).

You can also run a poll across your site or on a group of pages – for example, you can run a poll to run on all of your product pages or blog posts.

Features included:

  • Advanced reporting
    View the answers from each visitor or use our beautiful reports that aggregate the data from all visitors.
  • Export & share your poll data
    Share your data and insights with colleagues with a simple click of a button.
  • Uncover how different devices influence how visitors think of your site.
    Create on-site polls for visitors using a specific device to visit your site


FigPii offers a 14-day free trial.
The packages include 4 types:

  • STARTER ($ 49.99 /mo)

The starter pack allows up to 10,000 visitors/month, with access to all the tools.

  • SMALL ($ 99.99 /mo)

Up to 30,000 visitors/month, with unlimited access to polls and surveys. 

  • MEDIUM: ($ 199.99 /mo)

It allows up to 60,000 visitors/month with unlimited access to polls and surveys. 

  • LARGE ($ 339.99 /mo)

It allows up to 100,000 visitors/month with unlimited access to polls and surveys.

3- VWO

VWO is the world’s leading web testing and conversion optimization platform that enables growing businesses to conduct qualitative and quantitative visitor research, build an experimentation roadmap and run continuous experiments on their digital properties. VWO offers a variety of reports and analytics to show you the exact number of people visiting your pages, their demographics – all within a detailed reporting dashboard.

The service also encourages you to create forms to gather more data on your customer experience. With this data, you can hypothesis and multiple different tests to see what works and what doesn’t to engage more visitors.

How does it work?

 You can ask anything in your chosen format Choose from VWO’s 8 predefined question types to construct the most appropriate question for your audience.

  • Single line text box
    Expecting responses in a few words? Display your question with a single-line text box.
  • Checkbox
    Pick checkboxes for questions where visitors can select more than one response from a list.
  • Rating
    Want to collect feedback from visitors as ratings? Use VWO’s 1-5 star ratings.
  • Multiline textbox
    Choose multiline text boxes for all your open-ended questions for visitors to spill their hearts out.
  • Drop-down
    Let your visitors pick the most appropriate response from a drop-down list.
  • Net Promoter Score®
    Find out how likely your visitors are to recommend your product or service to others.


VWO Insights is available across three pricing plans. It also offers a free trial.

  • Growth: $169/month. For 10000 monthly users
  • Pro: Advanced visitor research and behavior analysis with intuitive reporting.
  • Enterprise: Best for large teams with high traffic websites.

4- Qualtrics

Qualtrics on-site polls power everything from market research projects to customer experience, product testing, employee experience, and brand tracking projects. With Qualtrics, you can get answers to your most important market, brand, customer, and product questions with survey software that can handle everything from simple questionnaires to detailed research projects for the world’s biggest brands.

Design your survey with our intuitive drag-and-drop survey tool, powerful logic, 100 plus question types, and pre-built survey templates


Starting From: $1500.00 /year.

  • Free trial
  • Free version

5- Webengage

WebEngage is marketing automation software that helps B2C businesses increase revenue with existing customers and anonymous users. WebEngage helps businesses segment and interact with their customers in a contextual and personalized way through various channels such as Push, In-app, SMS, Web Push, Email, Notifications, Surveys, and Onsite Opinions. With WebEngage, businesses can create complex lifecycle campaigns in seconds using Journey Designer.


  • On-site Classic

Seek user feedback and insights proactively when the user is ON your website – in real-time.

  • On-site Modal

Get newsletter sign-ups or run an exit survey to prevent users from abandoning your website.

  • Mobile Modal

Capture responses from your growing mobile web users to help you run mobile-specific campaigns.

  • Off-site Classic

Create full-page surveys with public URLs that can be shared on social media or sent in emails.


  • Solo
    For businesses with up to 10 k Monthly Active Users (MAU)
  • Includes:
  • Basic analytics
  • Basic segmentation
  • Engage across all channels
  • Personalize using users & events
  • Band

For businesses with up to 50k Monthly Active Users (MAU)

Everything in Solo, plus:

  • Rolling time-window segments
  • A/B testing of campaigns
  • Channel trends & insights
  • Cross-channel comparison
  • 10 journeys
  • Role-based access
  • Chat support

  • Choir

For businesses with up to 100k Monthly Active Users (MAU)

Everything in Band, plus:

  • Advanced analytics
  • Frequency capping & DND
  • Personalize using 3rd party API data
  • Schedule reports
  • 20 journeys
  • API integration
  • Phone support

  • Orchestra

For businesses with more than 100k Monthly Active Users (MAU

Everything in Choir, plus:

  • Live view of segments & campaigns
  • Dynamic logic within campaigns
  • Data ingestion error detection

6- Surveymonkey

SurveyMonkey allows users to create on-site polls with ease, and they are also free for your website’s visitors to use. In addition, you can add an unlimited number of questions (although this might increase the length of time your on-site poll takes for the results to be processed). And it’s worth mentioning that if you decide to upgrade to a paid service plan – although prices depend on how many websites are using your account.


7- Survicate

Survicate is an all-in-one tool for collecting customer opinions with:

  • Targeted website surveys: ask relevant questions in context to find out more about website visitors.
  • One-click email surveys: quickly find customer satisfaction and never ask for email from participants again.
  • Surveys on mobile applications: get the opinions of users of the application.
  • Questionnaires: collect detailed information about customers and distribute them on social media or other channels.

Survicate is integrated with analytical automation, CRM, and marketing automation platforms such as Google Analytics, HubSpot, Intercom, Pardot, MailChimp, and Salesforce. 

This gives you the ability to combine all the data in one place and use it to improve the performance of your marketing and sales teams.

There are also cheaper MailChimp alternatives available that can provide the same features at a much affordable price.


  • Basic: Free

Great for testing Survicate and for early-stage startups


  • Essential $89 A MONTH

All the basics a company needs to manage customer feedback

  • Professional $159 A MONTH

The complete customer experience platform for any business


  • Ultimate $419 A MONTH

A cost-effective plan for extreme volumes of traffic and users


On-polls or online surveys are tools that are popular withing marketers. And for good reason, they are a great mine of information that allows a company to measure their level of customer satisfaction, or to better understand their expectations and their profiles.

With these 7 tools, you can easily create a quality on-site poll to carry out your customers’ satisfaction studies, your website user experience, and any other project.